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           Radar Absorption Panel F16      

Extending the life of aircraft using todays technology.

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TMA developed the capability to refurbish the panels at the request of an F-16 Unit.  As the life cycle of the F-16 fleet has been extended, the panels now need replacement because they have lost there properties. Units have sought ways to provide repairs but found the only solution is to either replace the panels with new absorption material or with new panels.

As the retired data for aircraft is pushed father into the future and the issues with limited budgets rolls along, the availability of parts will continue to be an issue; requiring units to expand the role of repairs. The Air Force cultures to maximize repairs will continue to grow in order to sustain  the readiness essential to our national security.

Certified technicians allow for quick turnaround.

Various payment options provide discounts.




 Texas Mgt. Associates, Inc. has always placed a high degree of pride in our Quality Control Measures. As a ISO 9001 compliant facility our Quality Control Officer examines all projects using a three step process. All repair projects are checked at the time of arrival at our facility, once the repair has been made, and prior to shipping. This three step procedure has a proven record of providing the highest quality products possible.



 Texas Mgt. Associates, Inc.’s training and development team under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer designed a training program each technician working on Radar Absorption Panels must complete. This training program includes technical specifications, procedural framework, quality control measures and a written test. Technicians must pass the written test to become certified as a Radar Absorption Panel Repair Technician.


TMA has coordinated with the units to complete the refurbishment during the period your technicians perform the phase inspection and return them to you with no interruption in the flying schedule.


Currently Texas Mgt. Associates, Inc. is the only source approved by the System Program Office, Engineering section for contract repair/refurbishment of F-16 Radar Absorption Panels.


Our customers have elected to use a firm-fixed price blanket purchase agreement in accordance with the format in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 6.302-1(a)(2)(iii). TMA can also accept government credit cards. Return shipping is at no cost to the government.







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